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General Translate Tool V4

Introducing General Translate Tool V4, the latest version of the popular translation app that supports Android 9 to 14. With this advanced tool, you can read information about your phone, translate various languages, and enjoy compatibility with all Android versions. Experience lightning-fast translation with the extremely speedy expression feature, and benefit from the integrated keyboard for convenient translation. The app now offers Arabic OneUI 5.1 support for an enhanced user experience.

General Translate Tool V4

General Translate Tool V4

General Translate Tool V4

What Is General Translate Tool V4

 General Translate Tool V4 is a translation tool for Android devices that supports Android versions 9 to 14. This app offers a range of features, including reading information about your phone, translating text from various languages, and supporting General Translation Samsung. It is compatible with all versions of Android and allows for very quick and speedy expression within minutes. Additionally, it provides a keyboard specifically designed for translation purposes and supports Arabic OneUI 5.1.

General Translation Tool V4 – For Arabic Country Or User Best Tool

The latest version, the fourth, provides the best and fastest performance when translating Samsung and Android devices.

General Translation Tool V4 is the most recent version of the well-known application for translating on Samsung and Android devices. It provides the best and most efficient performance and has many enhancements and new features.


  • Arabic OneUI 5.1 support: General Translation Tool Version 4 is now compatible with Arabic OneUI 5.1, the most recent version of Samsung’s customized Android skin. This means you can now translate any text in your Samsung device into Arabic, including the system UI and the system UI.
  • Keyboard For Translation: General Translator V4 now comes with the ability to translate keyboards. This means you can write using one particular language and then have the text translated into another language in real time. This is an excellent option for translating messages, emails, and social media posts.
  • The App Is Compatible With All The Versions Of Android: General Translation Tool Version 4 now supports every Android version, from Android 9 up to Android 14. This means that you can utilize the application with every Samsung and Android device regardless of the version of Android that it is running.
  • Very Quick, Extremely Speedy Expression In Minutes: General Translation Tool V4 can quickly translate text in just a few seconds. This makes it perfect for translation when you are moving, like traveling or talking with people who speak another language.
  • Languages Of Translation: General Translation Tool version 4 is compatible with over 100 languages, meaning it is possible to translate texts from one to another.
  • General Translation Samsung: General Translation Tool V4 was explicitly developed for Samsung devices. It can translate all the text displayed on your Samsung device, even the UI, in over 100 languages.
  • Read Information About Your Phone: General Translation Tool V4 can access details like its model, the operating system version, and language settings. These details can be utilized to give more precise translations.
General Translate Tool

General Translate Tool

How to Download General Translate Tool V4

To download General Translate Tool V4:

  1. Visit the Samsung website and navigate to the download section.
  2. Look for the General Translate Tool V4 and click on the (Download Link).
  3. Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool.
  4. Enjoy

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – 4shared – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad  – Workupload – Sendcm

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